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Bela Chekurishvili

Born in Gurjaani, she spent her childhood and school years in a rural community of Vachnadziani near Gurdjaani, Georgia. After finishing school she continued her studies at the Tbilisi State University to become a philologist in the field of Georgian language and literature. 

1998- 2013 she worked as a journalist, writing about art, literature and education. 

Her poetry lyrics have been published since 1989 in various Georgian periodicals. At present she is a Ph.D student of Comparative Literature at Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University, while currently studying Comparative Literature at the University of Bonn. 

she is a member of the Georgian PEN.

Since 2016 translator of German poetry into Georgian.



Independent publications´in Germany:

My little insectarium (Poetry). Artist´s book. With graphics by Hans Scheib. Distillery Publishing. Berlin 2023.

The chain carousel (Poetry).  Wunderhorn Publishing, Heidelberg. 2021.

Barefoot (Poetry). Wunderhorn Publishing, Heidelberg. 2018. 

Picnic on the mountain (Poetry). Artist's book. With graphics by Zoppe Voskuhl. Corvunus Presse Berlin. 2018.

We, the Apple trees (Poetry). Wunderhorn Publishing, Heidelberg. 2016.


In Georgia:

Nana`s horse (Poetry).Intelekti Publishing, Tbilisi, 2020..

Nudity detector (Poetry) . Intelekti Publishing, Tbilisi, 2017.

Tales from the banks of the Rhine (Short stories). Intelekti Publishing, Tbilisi, 2016.

Sisyphus' Question (Poetry). Diogene Publishing, Tbilisi, 2012.

Postcards (Poetry). Meridiani Publishing, Tbilisi, 2009.

Either – Or. (Poetry). Leta Publishing, Tbilisi, 1998.


Publications in anthologies and art books

The East shines, Axel Dielmann Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, 2022.

Grand Tour, A Journey through the Young Poetry of Europe, Hanser Verlag, Munich, 2019. 

Abduction into antiquity New stories about Greek myths, PalmArtPress, Berlin 2019

Exhibition catalog "Unterwegs", Knecht Verlag, Landau 2019.

COMMON SENSE Almanac for Art and Literature (Poems), Edition Augenweide, Bernburg 2017.

Anthology of the mute letters, unusual stories from contemporary Georgian literature (Sessiz Harfler Antolojisi Çağdaş Gürcü Edebiyatından Sıra Dışı Öyküler), Kalem Kültür Yayınları, Istanbul 2017.

Yearbook of poetry (Jahrbuch der Lyrik 2017), Schöffling & Co, Frankfurt am Main 2017. 

Georgian poets (bilingual Georgian-English anthology), Cezanne Printing House, Tbilisi 2916.

"But I want the Caucasus to ..." Anthology of Georgian Poetry, Pop Verlag, Ludwigsburg 2015.

"From a distance" New Georgian poetry - anthology, Corvinus Press, Berlin 2015. 

Meeting with Pirosmani V. exhibition catalog (poems), Georgian-German Society, Tbilisi 2014.


Editorial activity

“Sow the wheat, Ukraine”. Poetry about the war from Ukraine and Georgia. (Co-editor). KLAK Publishing. Berlin, 2022.


Her poetry pages are posted on the international literary website: - - - -


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